About Us

M J & H Fabrication is the preeminent fabricator of vessels, process piping, skid and modular packages, and structural steel for a broad range of industries. We pride ourselves on our unsurpassed quality, dependability, and exceptional customer relationships.

We are a well respected industry leader, with a successful history in completing all pipe fabrication for “grassroots” facilities, new process units, plant revamps and upgrades, refinery expansions, turnarounds, and ongoing routine maintenance services.

Timely Solutions

Our team is steeped in production operations, process equipment design and fabrication, ASME code, construction and logistics. We know what it takes to get it in service, in compliance, and operating on your location.

MJ & H Fabrication provides timely sourcing and logistical solutions to buyers and sellers of surplus and used capital equipment in the power generation, oil and gas, or refinery and petrochemical processing industries worldwide.

Seasoned Professionals

Backed by over 80 years of experience in the oil, gas, and chemical fields, our seasoned management team can aid in every facet of your fabrication needs. We offer in-house engineering and design, a large network of suppliers and partners for all material grades and components, and a team who is ready to earn your business.

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