Ponca City News Article
M J & H FABRICATION ships another large locally-made unit to OG&E’s coal-fired Sooner Generation Station at Red Rock as part of that facility’s $500 million dry scrubber construction project. The pictured unit is part of the ventilation system. The dry scrubber project was approved April 28, 2016 by Oklahoma Corporation Commission members to enable the plant to comply with the federal Regional Haze Rule. According to federal Environmental Protection Agency publications, dry scrubbers spray very finely powdered lime or other absorbents into a vessel where they combine with power plant flue gases to remove SO2 and acid gases. The resulting sorbent is captured with a fabric filter (also called a baghouse). The EPA states dry scrubbers achieve removal efficiencies of 90 percent to 93 percent. (News Photo by Rolf Clements)